An unusual picture book for ages 6 and up.
Available in time for Christmas.

The gentle creatures in the stable on the first Christmas night bring a fresh perspective to this momentous event. Their gifts and the example of the old shepherd who cares for them can help children develop a deeper understanding of all animals whose work and lives sustain us.

The Old Shepherd's Tale
by Christopher Nye


"This storybook glows with wonder and compassion for the lives of animals who serve human beings. May the Old Shepherd touch us all, young and old. His story is portrayed with the skillfulness of the Old Masters, and the economy of word and phrase leaves the reader free to imagine deeply. Like many of the greatest wonder tales, [this one] evokes the mystery of how animals and human beings evolve together."

—Nancy Mellon, professional storyteller, teacher, psychotherapist

"The Old Shepherd's Tale conveys a unique message that emerges from the magic of the birth of Christ. The book beautifully demonstrates the need for compassion and respect for all God's creatures great and small."

—Dr. Julie Shanahan, veterinarian

"What better way to teach a child reverence for all creatures of the earth than through the Christmas story? The Old Shepherd of this story loves them all, and you will too."

—Rev. Joseph Bishop, D.D.

"The Old Shepherd’s Tale conveys a deep respect for life. It nurtures a seed of peace in hearts young and old."

—Sue MacVeety, farmer, teacher, children’s author


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